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Tips to Stay Safe While Decking the Halls

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The holidays are here, when most of us enjoy decorating our homes with lights to make them feel warm, you must take some precautions. Each year there are 15000 injuries from people getting shocked by electrical equipment such as ladders when trying to negotiate their way through too many cords! Think about how daunting climbing onto your roof can be every day – not only do we have all these pesky wires cluttering everything else, but now those little black boxes start popping out at us. It would drive anyone crazy.

Recently, shared how one man lost his hand and suffered 27 exit wounds after being electrocuted while hanging Christmas lights at home – an issue that affects many people daily!

When I was decorating the trees outside my mom’s house like usual, it didn’t go quite as planned this time. The power lines were close enough that 7200 volts of electricity entered them when they traveled through mine and dozens more strands from other feet who had come here to hang their lights too! There are 27 exit wounds on me now–I lost my left hand, among others-but. At least all those injured survived, right?

“The holidays can give stress throughout the year,” says Miller. He reminds us all – especially those who live by themselves-to stay aware at every turn because one misstep could result in death! “If you’re decorating outside, take note that power lines are near your location and keep yourself far away from them as well as any ladders or lights used in the process.”

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when decorating for the holidays this year. If you opt for DIY projects, make sure everyone is aware of their surroundings and how dangerous it can be if they’re not careful!

Check your lights before you hang them! Ensure there are no cracked chords or frayed ends on the wires, as this can lead to an electrical fire. Be mindful of how often tree branches drip with water – they may be too dry and cause Interior Christmas Trees To Catch Fire on Thanksgiving 2016. We must stay safe around our trees to ensure yours is well cared for by keeping them watered at all times (especially during hot weather).

It may be tempting to leave these brightly shining decorations unattended but don’t risk having them turned off due to unplucked trees decorated with bright bulbs! The foremost common causes of Christmas light failure is humidity. If you live in a humid climate, make sure that all exposed wiring on your home’s exterior stays protected by running extension cords outdoors whenever possible and keeping it dry inside wherever there are leaks or gaps around windows & doors leading to deny access from outside elements such as snowfall during winter months.

A ladder is a handy tool for reaching high places, but it’s also an object that can cause you harm if misused. We all know how vital safety should be when working at height – take this blog post on Window Genie as our guide! A few key points from the article include:

When working with power lines, always stay clear of live electricity! Atlast, all you need is to get shocked and end up in hospital. Make sure your ladder has been placed far away from obstructions like trees or buildings so it can’t come into contact with anything metal while open-endedly raising its height above the ground level. If possible, try not to work on flat surfaces as they may be slippery when wet due to rain earlier, making climbing more difficult.

Below! The general rule for safe ladder use is that you should never have to overreach. This means making sure your feet are on either side of the extension rung and not stepping closer than 1/4-1/3rds up from its bottom, or else reaching forward when standing at tall heights with no margin left before touching anything but earth.

If you need any of the services your home’s window cleaners to offer but are uncomfortable doing them yourself because it might not be safe or legal in some areas, then consider hiring a professional company like Window Genie. They have been trained to do all types of cleanings safely and legally, so they won’t mess up anyone’s holiday decorations!